30 Day Shred

I started this year out right. Clean eating, cutting all take out and fast food, and swapping beer and sodas for wine (hey its proven okay in moderation!) and water. I began running a mile daily on the treadmill mid-January and am not getting quick enough results! I definitely feel better, my body has been very thankful for the changes, I just need a quicker response to keep on track! I have heard great things about Jillian's 30 Day Shred so I am giving it a go! 

I started February 14th and my legs were unbearably sore until this morning February 18th, so if you start don't stop, it gets better I promise! I am in love with the workout itself, the entire workout is only 20 mins long and the moves are simple enough for a beginner yet effective enough that you will feel the burn! 

Keep checking back, I will post my before and after pictures at the end! I am not following any special diet, I drink a protein shake in the morning and eat 'clean' the rest of the day, around every 3 hours is a snack or salad! I am not a saint and the occasional slip up does happen, we are all human! 

"Never let a single defeat be a final defeat!"

The Plan:
1 mile on the treadmill daily
Feb 14th-24th Level 1: 30 day shred
Feb 25th-March 7th Level 2: 30 day shred
March 8th- 18th Level 3: 30 day shred

The Protein Shake:
Unsweetened coconut Milk
Jay Robb egg white protein shake mix 1/2 scoop
Garden of life Raw protein shake mix 1/2 scoop

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Jelly The Pug

Crazy cute Jelly The Pug dresses are on ZULILY today! Hurry over, they are selling FAST!

Skirt and top for $16.99!

Hooded Jacket for $16.99!

Gorgeous ruffle dress for $19.99!

I am in super love with this jumper for $16.99!

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Not so proud milestones

I love how as parents we obsess over what milestones our children should be reaching. I say we should sit back and have a laugh over the ones that they should NOT be reaching! For example: Walking- sure it's cute, until you look like a crazy woman trying to catch your kid in public, ps they are even faster when you're holding a coat in your hands! Talking- aww how sweet, wait what did you just repeat to the landlord about that hole in the curtain? Oh, you told her you made it bigger with your superman muscles! Fan-freaking-tastic. Eating- excited that your wee one just finished their first jar of peas? Cherish it. Unless you plan to top each meal with whipped cream (don't judge me!) mealtime will never go down this smoothly. EVER! Oh but if it does, no mother out there wants to hear about it. Trust me, I've told many moms about my good eater (just one out of 3, but I'll take it) and I always get the half smile I wanna slap a chick nod! Always. Hm grounds for my next post? Yes! All mothers can use advice about how to avoid "The Look"

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I can post!

I can post from my phone! You know what this means right?! I can fill you in on every whole hearted detail of my lamely chaotic days @insert menacing laugh here@ just what you've always wanted right? I may just rename my blog from "Loves journey" to "The journey of a crazy mom with three kids." argh the stinking shift key doesn't work here anymore...no worries shift key...youre not needed here. yes the no caps is driving me mad. and i cant capitalize mad or use exclamation points. ok. its driving me nuts. shift key come baaaack.. 

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Back To School Deals

This is the first year I will be back to school shopping! I am also a bargain hunter! Where do I find all of our back to school deals? Read on.

My first stop: Once Upon a Child. I find the best deals at our local OUAC consignment shop! There are tons of different brands so it's like shopping at 100's of different stores all in one place, plus the prices are great!

Next stop: Online! Here are a few of my favorites and tricks to finding the best prices at each of them.

Zulily: Sign up and check out all of their amazing deals and then invite your friends to do the same. You get a bonus if they order and they get great discounts. It's a win-win! I almost always find the best deals on shoes here!

Amazon: My trick to finding the best deals- type what you are looking for in the search box. Choose a department. Then at the top right hand of the page you have the option to search Price: Low to High. Now you can find which seller has the lowest price for what you want! 

E-bay: No account? It's pretty easy and quick to sign-up. I find the best deals here the same way that I do using Amazon. Put what you want in the search box. I am often too impatient for auctions so I click show only Buy It Now listings and then choose price low to high, finding me the best price again! 

Facebook: Yep that's right. Your kids favorite clothing brand probably has a Facebook group that has other mama's selling their kids used clothing at big discounts. You will need a paypal account to pay. Just do a general search in Facebook and see what pops up! 

Other great deal websites to check out!





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